Monday, August 26, 2013

Do You Want to Follow Taylor Swift Fashion Street Style 2013?

As is known to all, Taylor Swift is not only a popular country musician, but also famous for her unique fashion taste. Now, Taylor Swift is a fashion trend. It is really unheard of that a star who has been in the highlight since 16 years old would have such a perfect style track history. At the age of 23, the talented musician and performer is already an symbol.
Taylor has a enhanced retro aesthetic that fills up her wardrobe with the stripes, polka-dots, floral printing, lace and her red lip stick. That's definitely something worth emulating. Below are her 5 best casual outfits for your perusal. You can pick up your favorite one and try to emulate, but please note that you needn't extremely emulate and you can add your own taste.


Stripe is a vintage element forever. If you like stripes, please click the below one:

Polka Dots:

Here is a recommendation for  you:

Floral Print:

Floral dress make your summer full of vitality. You can try the below one:


With lace dress, you will be more lady and sweet. Do you like the below one?

Vintage Small Suits:

Vintage small suit is a all-matched clothes. Every girl needs a piece of small suit:

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